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Discover Your Home's New Aroma

Try our handmade candles from our boutique in Holland, MI

Smell is a powerful sense that dramatically affects the way we experience a setting. The Poppy Peach, LLC in Holland, MI carries handmade candles that invoke a variety of moods, from comforting to invigorating. You can find soy candles custom-made for the season or your favorite scents year-round.

Come into the store today to smell our amazing scents for yourself.

3 reasons soy candles are the best

Commercially manufactured candles are often made with paraffin, a petroleum-based wax. We prefer to make our candles with soy wax due to its benefits.

Some bonuses you can expect when you switch to soy candles are:

  1. A slower and longer burn
  2. A stronger scent without the use of chemicals
  3. Easy cleanup with soap and water

Our handmade candles make great gifts! If you're in the Holland, MI area, stop by today to get something special for your friends or loved ones.