Upgrade Your Shopping Experience

Attend our jewelry and store shopping events in Holland, MI

You don't always have to shop in a sea of strangers. With private jewelry and store shopping events at The Poppy Peach, LLC, you can shop for handmade jewelry, clothing and more in a comfortable setting. We offer private after-hours shopping and parties. Private store shopping is a great way to shop for accessories and more without the stress of other people watching you at every turn.

You can also participate in our shopping events in Holland, MI, such as our store opening anniversary parties. You'll enjoy special discounts, take part in fun shows and chow down on sweet treats to celebrate. Register today to make sure you have a spot.

Why you should consider private shopping

Shopping for new items and accessories should be an adventure. Unfortunately, it can often feel like a chore. You'll love private shopping at The Poppy Peach because...

  • You won't have to deal with the social pressure of the crowd
  • You can take your time looking at every item without feeling like you're in the way
  • You can bring your friends and turn personal shopping into a fun social outing
Learn more about our shopping events by calling 616-377-8776.